Positive results with Vismodegib and basal cell carcinoma

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Carcinoma Basocelular TratamientoEl cancer basocelular is one of the most serious skin cancer that exist and a sore prediction in patients, since it is capable of advanced cancer of degeneration or distortion and with few therapeutic alternatives.
Barely a few days, laboratories Genentech Roche Group announced positive results of your last Phase II clinical trial for basal cell carcinoma (CBC) inhibitor using a drug that controls the development and growth of tumor cells in early: the vismodegib.

El vismodegib acts on a receptor-like protein called smoothened and linked to the ruta Hedgehog y al oncogen SMO. This route, disproportionately activated due to a mutation of SMO, may lead to the growth of cancer cells that originate basal cell carcinoma. El vismodegib has demonstrated its ability to control and inhibit these signals when there is a mutation resulting in unregulated activation of the Hedgehog route. De momento, The test was successfully conducted in people with carcinoma operable and oral administration is.

Sources: Gene.com, EuropaPress

Info: http://www.selleckchem.com/products/GDC-0449.html

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